FAQ: I can't see any results when I enter a search in the map viewers? This is confusing and I don't think it's working. What do I do?

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There are really only a few basic reasons this can happen. The overwhelming majority of the time, this simply means that you need to upgrade your web-browser to a more current version. Our technologies rely on browsers that were published in 2013 or later. So, please update your browser to the lastest version. We support all of the most common browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

All other reasons you might see bizarre results on our site tend to fall into two categories:

  1. either an error occured between your computer and your data provider or
  2. you are using an old link that takes you to places on the site that are no longer functional.

If you've experienced the first type of error, simply refreshing your browser page will often cure the problem. If not, then you should log out of your current session, delete your browser's cookies and then re-login. Each browser has specific ways to achieve this latter step and simply doing a Google search should give you steps (be sure and include your version number in your search). Example search: delete cookies firefox version 26 .

If you're experiencing problems after clicking on "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" or the like, then we suggest that you try going to the homepage at http://www.historygeo.com, log-in, click the "Launch A Map Viewer!" link and upon doing so, conduct your business as usual. If you have done everything suggested above, and yet still see strange results, please contact us at info@historygeo.com and describe what you are doing and the results you are getting and we'll get to work diagnosing the problem.

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