140,000 Original Kansas Landowners Added

We just added an additional 140 thousand original Kansas landowners to the map in our First Landowners Project. That brings us to just under half a million Kansans in this single map of original U.S. landowners.

The map below represents our Kansas work so far. The purple areas represent the additions we just made and the light yellow areas represent landowners we had already mapped.
Kansas Original Landowners Mapped
So, to tally up, our First Landowners Project now represents in a SINGLE MAP:

  • 12.5 million original landowners, who owned
  • 7.56 million aliquot parcels and 2.27 million lots (9.83 million total parcels) among
  • 29 Public Land states + Texas (30 state coverage)

To learn specifically which states and counties are mapped by the First Landowners Project check out the index that starts on page 7 in this document.

To learn how to use our First Landowners tool, watching this video is a must.

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